Shipping & Returns


Shipping usually takes 7-14 business days and all sales are final.

The longer version

Hey y'all. We are a small team, made up of me (Verdy) and … actually that’s the whole crew now that I think about it. Total airhead moment.

Right now, all of our sales are final. Let me explain why. Each order is printed on demand. That means your shirt or hat or hoodie is printed just for you and shipped directly from the printer.

This helps us keep inventory down and allows us to sell all sorts of stuff we otherwise wouldn’t be able to. It also means shipping times and availability are dependent on our fulfillment partner - usually 7-14 days.

Also, my weird, rubbery arms don’t work that well so packing boxes would be a nightmare.

I know things can go awry sometimes, so if you have an issue, feel free to email me at and I’ll see what I can do.

More love, more goals.

- Verdy